Getting Started


Thorax Yeoman Generator

Using the Thorax Generator, you can generate a Todos example application. You can also generate a blank application and build it out to match the Todos example app. This is a great way to learn by doing.

Thorax in Backbone Fundamentals

Read an overview of the features of Thorax, as well as some of the theory behind some of the implementation details.

Route Based Module Loading

Backbone Fundamentals also covers Lumbar's approach to modular application development and routing, which is used in all of the seed projects except the standalone and Rails seeds.


See the TodoMVC Thorax implementation and its source code. There is also a Lumbar flavored version of the implementation.


Thorax Yeoman Generator

The Thorax Generator will ask you questions before generating a new blank or predefined base project. This is the recommended way to get started.

The Thorax Generator also provides it's own extensive documentation and aims to help you understand how to setup a full stack Thorax application, including a minimal node express server and deployment instructions.

Bower component

Thorax is available as a Bower component. Just run bower install thorax in your project.

Thorax is tested against these dependencies (you can paste this in your bower.json:

"dependencies": {
  "jquery": "1.9.0",
  "underscore": "1.4.4",
  "zepto": "1.0.0",
  "handlebars": "1.0.0",
  "backbone": "1.0.0"

Note that either jQuery or Zepto is required, but not both.


Thorax is available on cdnjs, each build includes jQuery 1.9.0 (or Zepto 1.0.0rc1 on mobile), Backbone 0.9.9, Underscore 1.4.2 and Handlebars 1.0.0rc6.


When combined with CoffeeScript small Thorax apps can be written in a single file. This is ideal for creating small test apps within JSFiddle. Thorax can be selected as a framework (near the bottom of the list) in any fiddle, or you can try out any of the fiddles below: